Ohio Restaurant Magazine, Spring 2015 - page 11

Spring 2015 Issue
Spend the first year doing every job
possible in the restaurant, for two reasons:
First, if you’re anything like us, you spent
your entire savings getting the door open,
so there really isn’t any other option. And
second, there is no other way to analyze
your processes. Just figure out what works
and what doesn’t, and then put the most
efficient systems in place.
Have you thought about
adding another location?
We’ve thought about it...stay tuned!
What do you like about being a part
of the Ohio Restaurant Association?
Being part of ORA has been very resourceful.
They have an array of information and
opportunities related to our industry that keep
restaurant owners/ managers/ and chefs “in
the know” about topics, trends, and laws that
are industry specific, that directly influence
the way we do business.
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