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Spring 2015 Issue
5. What type of warranty is provided?
Used equipment generally sells “as is” from auctions and
individual sellers, so don’t expect a warranty. In contrast, dealers
often provide a 30-day warranty on parts; some might give 60 or
90 days on parts and labor. If you want the security of a lengthier
warranty, consider a remanufactured or new item.
6. Can I get someone to service and replace parts?
Make sure parts are available and that a local technician can
service and repair the equipment. Your chances are best with an
American brand-name product, says Tim Schrack, vice president
of purchasing for Omaha-headquartered Hockenbergs Food
service Equipment & Supply, which has 10 locations throughout
the country.
7. Who was the previous owner?
If you luck into finding equipment owned by a church or a school,
it will have less “mileage” than the same piece operated by a
high-volume quickservice restaurant. “It’s like buying the car that
grandma drove once a week,” Carbonara says.
8. How well does the equipment operate?
“Ask to see the equipment operate,” says Hockenbergs’ Schrack.
“We’ll hook up any piece of equipment on request…it’s tricky to
buy anything used online.”
Tip: Ask an authorized service agent to inspect the unit to ensure
that it is in good operating condition, Carbonara suggests.
9. Is the seller reliable?
Work with sellers who want to establish a long-term relationship
with you, Carbonara advises. “You want someone who is
concerned that they’re putting their name and reputation on the
line and wants to be good with you for a whole bunch of deals,
not just this one.”
10. Does the equipment stand the test of time?
Look for equipment built to last, with brand names know for
endurance, says Jameel Burkett, president of Burkett Restaurant
Equipment & Supplies in Toledo, Ohio. For example, Hobart
mixers and slicers can last for decades, he says, as can items
like stainless steel tables and shelving, which have no mechanical
parts that break.
Convection ovens and ranges tend to stand the test of time, Schrack
says. But be wary of steamers, dishwashers, ice machines and other
equipment that use water because they can develop lime buildup.
If not maintained properly, aging refrigeration equipment can
become energy-guzzlers and lose some performance FSTC’s
Young says. “If the refrigerant has leaked, the unit has been
overcharged or the coils are damaged, then that unit will
probably not perform to spec.”
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