Ohio Restaurant Magazine, Spring 2015 - page 25

Spring 2015 Issue
The Automobile Association of America (AAA) has once again given
awards in the form of diamonds to a familiar batch of highly rated
restaurants and hotels. In Ohio, four Ohio Restaurant Association
(ORA) members earned the distinction.
According the guidelines established by the AAA, restaurants
recognized as Four Diamond level establishments “offer a distinctive
fine dining experience.” It’s the second-highest award given by the
automobile club.
“Creative chefs, imaginative menus, fresh top-quality ingredients
and knowledgeable staff distinguish these establishments,” the
organization states.
Nicola’s (2008)
Lola (2010)
M (2006)
The Refectory Restaurant & Bistro (1995)
(xxxx) indicates the year the establishment first received current,
consecutively maintained Diamond Rating
ORA Member Restaurants
Receive the AAA Four Diamond Award
The award takes into account imaginative menus, knowledgeable staff
From left to right: AAA Ohio Vice President David Wood, M General Manager Kristen Luff, and AAA
Ohio Auto Club President Mark Shaw. Cameron Mitchell’s fine dining establishment M opened at
Miranova in 2001 and has been a Four Diamond winner since 2006.
From left to right: AAA Ohio Auto Club President Mark Shaw, Refectory Restaurant & Bistro Owner
Kamal Boulos, Business Manager Sandra Lasco, and Ohio Restaurant Association President and
CEO Geoff Hetrick. The Refectory has won the AAA Four Diamond Award for 16 consecutive years.
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