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Spring 2015 Issue
Roy Getz – Bob Evans Farms, Inc.
Geoff Hetrick
Natalie Walston
Robert Abruzzi – Bob Abruzzi Consulting, LLC
John Allison – Ecolab
Paul Belle – Firehouse Subs
Lynn Brown – Outback Steakhouse
Gary Callicoat – Rusty Bucket Restaurant & Tavern
Brody Danner – The Submarine House
Joe Eulberg – Bob Evans Farms, Inc.
Doug Fahrenholz – Wasserstrom Company
Jeff Fix – Avalon Food service, Inc.
David Frissora – Wendy’s Co.
Roy Getz – Bob Evans Farms, Inc.
Mike Haunert – Sysco Cincinnati, LLC
Nick Kostis – Pickwick & Frolic Restaurant & Club
Sam Lindsley – Michael Symon Restaurants
Mario Parisi – Green Nature Marketing/I-Supply Company
Roger Parker – The Toledo Club
Ed Pickens – Ed Pickens’ Cafe on Main
Ann Reichle – Angelina’s Pizza
Jamie Richardson – White Castle
Michael Short – Royalwood Caterers
Mike Sopko – OSI Restaurant Partners
Michael Sylvester – Hide-A-Way Buffalo Grill
Sheila Trautner – Taste Hospitality Group
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Food for Thought...
Starting Fresh in 2015
Spring means more to us than sunny
skies and blooming flowers. It’s a time
when windows are open to draw out the
old, stale air to bring in a fresh breeze.
It’s a time of renewal and new beginnings
as we look forward to even warmer
months ahead.
As a food service operator, this could be
the time to start anew, whether you’re in
the industry for the first time, looking to
add more locations, or to find better ways
to do business.
This revamped issue of á la carte is a guide
to doing business better. It’s a reminder
of all of the wonderful resources that you
have at your fingertips as a member of the
Ohio Restaurant Association (ORA). We
have up-to-date research on menu trends,
and a Q&A with the owners of a fresh new
quick service restaurant, Market 65, in
Columbus. In future editions of á la carte
we will feature members’ stories from
around the state.
ORA is pleased to offer you this valuable
content and we hope that you find it
beneficial. We exist to help you build
customer loyalty, find financial success,
and to connect you with other like-minded
people in the industry. The rewards to
being an ORA member far outweigh the
minimal investment in your membership.
We are always available to help even if
you’re a seasoned restaurateur or just
getting started in the business.
By Natalie Walston
Editor and Director of
Ohio Restaurant Association
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