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Spring 2015 Issue
a Certificate of Achievement that makes
them excellent candidates for jobs in the
restaurant industry.
ProStart benefits the students and
industry alike by providing the following:
• The curriculum unites industry and
the classroom to create a unique and
unparalleled experience for
the students;
• Develops tomorrow’s restaurant food
service industry workforce;
• High standard of excellence for
students and the industry overall; and
• Students have access to numerous
Scholarship opportunities both on the
local and national levels.
In addition to providing a superior
participating 59 schools in Ohio, ORAEF
has three field personnel who are in
contact with the schools to provide
expertise on various topics, such as help
in finding a mentor, promoting scholarship
opportunities, fielding questions about
the program, assisting with online test
scheduling, and conducting Teacher
Institutes for newer teachers as well as
seasoned veterans.
ProStart students can earn a national
Certificate of Achievement, which is a
recognized industry certification that
signifies a strong foundation in the
basic management and culinary skills
considered critical to success by industry
leaders. ORA members should be aware
that an Ohio ProStart graduate is cross-
trained in all aspects of a restaurant‘s
operations and is ready to make an impact
for their employer. Students are required
to earn 400 work-related hours in real
world restaurant experience.
ORA members as employers are
encouraged to add the ProStart logo
to their website, and include it on
employee applications, and on their help
wanted postings. Please contact the
ORAEF office for the logo guidelines.
Displaying the logo can be a useful way
to attract job applicants who have had
If you hire someone who has had ProStart
training, you will be able to recognize
the industry skills and knowledge they
possess. These qualities will make them
better qualified candidates who can
become valuable team members and help
make contributions to your organization
very quickly. Hire a ProStart student and
see the difference for yourself.
Recently there have been staff changes at
ORAEF as Sharon Fish, who served as the
executive director for the past seven years
retired in December and I now currently
serve in that capacity. Erin Thomas is the
new administrative assistant. The three
coordinators who service the schools are
Marty Nagele, Pam Mock, and Jim Price,
are all experienced educational personnel.
We look forward to meeting and working
with all the ORA members.
The ORAEF offers a variety of programs
and services that can help you as an
employer. In the subsequent issues, look
for more in-depth information on ORAEF
and its Ohio ProStart program and how
you, as an ORA member can be involved.
The program would not be possible
without industry’s support, mentorship
and generous sponsorships. You can reach
me at
or Erin
By Patricia Halper,
Executive Director,
Ohio Restaurant Association
Education Foundation
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