Ohio Restaurant Magazine, Spring 2015 - page 8

Spring 2015 Issue
The Ohio Restaurant Association (ORA)
recently launched a strategic planning
process. One of the goals that resulted from
the process was to “increase the restaurant
member segment.” As you know, the more
members we have, the better it is for your
company and the industry, the more services
we can offer, and the more we can help Ohio
operators sustain and grow their businesses.
But, you already know these things!
What you don’t know is the planning
committee determined that we needed to
do a better job of touting one of our most
highly-utilized and valued member benefits:
being a comprehensive source for members
by providing industry-specific answers
to questions, advice, and connections to
service providers and industry peers, all with
the commitment to respond. Many members
know this service exists, but prospects do
not. ORA exists to focus on the success of
its members as priority-one.
Our first challenge was to build brand
awareness of this member-exclusive
benefit. Meet ASK ORA! This program
already existed: we just gave it a tune-up,
repackaged it and gave it its rightful place
in the spotlight. Over the years, you may
have utilized your ORA member benefit of
contacting us via email or phone with a
request for information, a form template, a
supplier service recommendation, helping
you make a connection with a peer, or a
number of other industry-related requests.
ASK ORA is the trusted information resource
for Ohio’s food service industry. You can ASK
ORA via email
or a
phone call 866-559-6131.
Here’s a little more detail about
the service, for your consideration:
• ASK ORA offers you a complete resource
solution, thereby saving you time. You or
your team members can make a request,
and we’ll find the answer.
• ASK ORA is the only Ohio
source for information you need
to run your business.
• ASK ORA has a team that is exclusively
focused on the success of your food
service business. Period. You can trust
the information is relevant, timely and
accurate. Sure, you can conduct Internet
searches to find what you need, but how
do you know it is reliable information?
ORA is your trusted source.
• ASK ORA provides answers, advice,
recommendations and best practices.
We reach out to resources on your behalf
(1,800 Ohio operators, industry experts,
National Restaurant Association staff
and data).
Through ASK ORA, the ORA staff serves as
an extension of your team. We will get the
answers you need on the matters important
to your food service business, whether it be
music licensing, food safety, federal, city,
state and county requirements, social media,
marketing or HR. You ask. We answer.
By Shellie O’Toole
Managing Director,
Member Services
If a Question Pops Up, ASK ORA!
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