Ohio Restaurant Magazine, Spring 2015 - page 9

Spring 2015 Issue
Q&A with the co-owners of Market 65
Co-owners and Proprietors Anthony J.
Micheli and Patrick T. Katzenmeyer
are the fresh faces behind Market 65.
Nestled in downtown Columbus across
from the Statehouse and the Sheraton on
Capitol Square, Market 65 offers a fresh
alternative of a quick-service restaurant
with a number of unique salads and
wraps. Anthony and Patrick are committed
to using the best produce, meats, and
cheeses Ohio farms have to offer in order
to create the freshest fare possible for the
busy lunch crowd.
Tell me about you and your
business partner’s background.
I’ve been in the hospitality industry
since I was 16. My first job was in the fast
food sector, serving coffee and sandwiches to
the masses. In college I worked at Bonefish
Grill as a server, and worked the back of
house once or twice a week to absorb a little
more knowledge. My final destination before
opening up Market 65 was with Cameron
Mitchell Restaurants (CMR), where I had the
privilege of managing a couple of his fine
establishments. The experience with CMR was
pivotal in allowing me to open a restaurant.
My first job, 16 years ago, was
at Chick-fil-A at Tuttle Mall in Columbus.
After a couple years making smoothies
and sandwiches at a local gym, I spent
three years waiting tables at Starliner
Diner, a hidden gem in Hilliard. During
college, I spent summers in the kitchen
working the breakfast line at Pasquale’s
in Put-In-Bay, serving walleye charter
boat captains just before dawn and then
their hungover clients a couple of hours
later before they went out on the lake.
I currently manage shop operations at
Jeni’s Splendid Ice Creams.
How did you and your business
partner decide on the theme (fresh,
local) of the restaurant? Did the
theme come first or the location?
The theme definitely came first. When we
opened four years ago, we had a passion
for a number of the restaurants around
Columbus that sourced their food locally,
and it was easy to see that the industry
was headed in that direction. Four years
later, it’s clear that this isn’t just a trend,
and that the local movement is here to
stay. We chose the location because after
five years working in offices downtown,
Patrick saw a clear demand in the area for
an option that provided healthy, locally-
sourced food, and served it fast.
Photography and Q&A by ORA Director of Communications, Natalie Walston
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