Texas Builder Magazine, Mar-Apr 2015 - page 22

Texas Association of Builders
March/April 2015
Featured Project
et in San Antonio’s master-
Dominion, CKC Custom Homes’
newest project, brings modern design and
contemporary living to a piece of land
with an uncommon history, having been
owned by Anson Jones, the last president
of the Republic of Texas. With beautiful
surroundings of lush hillsides and a safe,
family setting, the residence is a fitting
addition to a neighborhood marked by
unique designs and luxury.
The residence’s design was a collaboration
between the homeowners and the CKC
team who brought the six bedroom, five
and a half bath residence with 5,574
square feet of air conditioned space to
life. Their design takes full advantage of
the property’s gorgeous views with an
additional 937 square feet of outdoor
living space including an outdoor kitchen,
sunken outdoor living room and sky deck.
And no luxury home is complete without
a pool. The outdoor space is big enough
to entertain a large group but, with the
sunken living room, intimate enough for
regular family evenings at home.
Local HBA Affiliation:
Greater San Antonio BA
Featured Project:
Dominion Residence
Project Location:
San Antonio
CKC Custom Homes /
Oscar Flores Design Studio
Jason Roberts
CKC Homes - Dominion Residence
By Michael Reed
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