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and courageous.” And there it is…the first
hint of movement from the Starter as the
flag begins to drop…and we’re off! Let the
race begin!
March Forth on
March 4
–The Capitol Cup:
With the 84
Texas Legislative Session
now underway, this year is marked with
a historic amount of change amongst the
top elected officials and representatives.
New personalities and agendas will further
test TAB’s government relations team.
Our Lobbyists, Staff, and Government
Relations Committee under the watchful
eye of Justin MacDonald have been
working diligently to stay ahead of the
thousands of bills that will be filed, many
of which could affect our industry.
March 4 has been designated as TAB’s
Rally Day at the Capitol in Austin. This
is where the rubber meets the road,
and is a great opportunity for us to
talk individually with each of our State
Senators and Representatives. This is
also the best opportunity for each of
our 28 local Associations to engage
their local members, as they experience
(some for the first time) how their words
and actions really do influence change
on a statewide level. Hundreds of TAB
members from around Texas will be in
Austin, and you don’t want to miss this
day! The TAB Winter Board Meetings
follow immediately on March 5-6 at the
Driskill Hotel.
Relationships Powered
by Members (RPM):
Membership is the lifeblood, or the fuel,
that keeps TAB going. Your membership
is important as it represents thousands
like you as we work to protect our
industry at the Capitol. You benefit from
the education provided by our local
associations, and relationships developed
with your other peers in our industry
that directly impacts your bottom line.
Membership Chair Mitchell Anderson is
spearheading this race and has been an
outstanding leader.
This year, we are focusing on the
importance of doing business with fellow
Members. Our competition has been
named the “RPM Cup Series Challenge.”
RPM is the acronym for "Relationships
Powered by Members," and focuses
on Builder members competing with
each other to see who is doing the most
business with Members. Top Performers
will be announced at all TAB events, and
it will soon be evident how important
it is to the bottom line to be a Member.
Associates will also have an opportunity
to participate in sponsorships (again…
think NASCAR) and have your name
prominently (and shamelessly) displayed
and promoted among the membership.
From this initial competition, there
will spring additional Cup Series
Competitions that focus on Retention,
New Membership, and Team Challenge.
Be looking for more information to come!
Sunbelt Builders Show
The Gaylord 500:
Just back from the 2015 International
Builders’ Show
in Las Vegas, the TAB staff
has been hard at work putting together
this summer’s Sunbelt Builders Show™.
After four years away, we are excited to be
returning to the Gaylord Texan® Resort
The Race Is On
By Steve Sorrells
2015 TAB Senior Officers
Steve Sorrells,
Sorrells and Company, LLC
Waco, Texas
First Vice President
Tim Jackson,
Tim Jackson Custom Homes, Inc.
Fairview, Texas
Vice President/Secretary
Rick McGuire,
McGuire Builders, Inc.
Lubbock, Texas
Sue Ann Pinger,
Tilson Home Corporation
Austin, Texas
Immediate Past President
Joe Carlyle,
Carlyle Homes, Inc.
Tyler, Texas
entlemen and Ladies – Start
Your Engines! Here we are at the
beginning of what promises to
be an exciting year, and I can’t help but
feel like we’re all lined up, primed and
ready at the starting line of an epic race.
And not just a sprint or a marathon, but
rather a series of marathons. The starter
is in position, with the flag held high in
his hand, with excitement building and
time seeming frozen, waiting until the
perfect moment for him to signal the race
to begin…
Please forgive the Race Day analogies, but
that seems to best summarize the butterflies,
tightened muscles, and heart pounding
excitement as the Texas Association of
Builders heads into the 2015 season. And
we - Builders, Remodelers, Developers,
Associate and Affiliate Members and Staff
are not spectators at this event, we are
participants. Each of us has a unique and
vital role in assuring the success of both
our individual businesses as well as our
industry. What you are doing matters, it is
important. We. House. Texans.
…As we await the start, we meditate on
the words spoken to Joshua, “Be strong
President’s Commentary
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